4 Incredible Things Found in Garages (+ the Perfect Garage Systems to Match)

Stories abound of people finding the most amazing things in their garages, covered for years by clutter, hidden under layers of grime and dust… because they didn’t have well-organized garage systems. While these stories are inspiring and entertaining, at Strickland’s Custom Garages, we can’t help but think of garage storage solutions. We believe you should enjoy (and showcase!) what you have now, not stumble upon it later. Thoughtful organization guarantees that you can find what you need, whenever you need it. So, here’s a collection of the most amazing things ever found in garages, plus the garage systems to match.

A 1937 Bugatti Type 57S Atalante + A Car Lift
Relatives of an 89-year-old “mad” doctor were given his garage in his will, and rumors swirled that the old man secretly had a Bugatti. In reality, the garage contained far more than that. There was indeed a Bugatti inside, and it was one of only 17 made in the entire world — worth upwards of 7 million dollars! And, right beside it, there stood a classic Aston Martin! If you enjoy auto detailing or want to house your collection of vintage cars right, we recommend a custom car lift so you never lose sight of your prized possessions.

A $25,000 Tiffany Mirror + Airtight Storage Bin
It looked like a small, pretty vintage mirror at a garage sale in Arizona. In reality, it was a Tiffany mirror appraised at $25,000 on PBS’s Antiques Roadshow! We’d recommend keeping a treasure like this inside, but if you must keep it in the garage (along with family heirlooms or things you just don’t have space for), we recommend airtight plastic bins, stored out-of-reach for their protection. Make sure to label them, too, so you don’t forget just how valuable the contents are.

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$80,000 Egyptian Cat Statue + Storage Bin
A small Egyptian cat statue was neglected and almost thrown away before its true value was discovered. Likely, the statue is upwards of 2,500 years old, and it was purchased by an art dealer for $80,000. For outdoor decor like mini-garden statues, opt for open-storage cubbies. For other items, consider more custom storage options like heavy-duty hooks for no-tangle string lights and extension cords.

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Floyd Landis’ Bicycle + Steadyrack Bike Rack
Floyd Landis, winner of the 2006 Tour de France winner, had a custom-built bike worth $8,000. Landis’ bicycle fell off the back of a truck and was then sold at a yard sale for a mere $5. Protect your prized bike with a vertical bike rack which swivels out for when you’re ready to go. For increased protection, consider overhead storage.

Prized Possessions + Garage Systems
Garages remain one of our favorite places to store our prized possessions, and at Strickland’s Custom Garages, our designers can help you discover the right garage systems for your inventory. Is your garage in need of a makeover? Lost in a sea of moving boxes? Contact us to get your garage organized for good.