Is there any garage on television more famous than the garage that Homer Simpson dashes into, followed by Marge and Maggie in the minivan, Bart on a skateboard, and Lisa on a bike? We didn’t think so! At Strickland’s Custom Garages, we’re excited to offer a number of garage organization solutions that appeal to dads, moms, and kids, too. If you’re considering a garage makeover for your family, take a look at our recommendations for one of America’s favorite families, The Simpsons.

For Homer: The Ultimate Man Cave
If vegging out in front of a football game feels like heaven, get wild with a man cave-style garage. Just imagine: a wall-mounted big screen TV, surround-sound speakers, mini-fridge and cabinets filled with snacks, comfy chairs and sofas, and perhaps even a built-in bar. We think Homer would approve, especially if he knew we’d organize his entire inventory of snacks, board games, and toys for him!

custom garage makeover Wilmington NC

For Marge: The Wonderfully Quiet and Well-Organized She Shed
Marge puts up with a lot from her family, all the while keeping a perfectly prim tower of blue hair. For a break from the madness, we’d give Marge (and moms across Wilmington!) a calming, well-organized she shed. Picture a perfectly clean desk space with pull-out drawers and cabinets for craft supplies, as well as wall organizers for an extra tidy space. Whether you’re a knitter, gardener, or builder, keep everything you need right within reach inside wall-mounted baskets and bins. Marge will definitely approve of our quality garage organization solutions!

For Bart: The Dude-Friendly Gear Shop
Make your dude beyond happy with a garage-turned-gear shop. Wall-mounted bike racks keep wheels out of the way for stylish overhead storage, and closed cabinetry houses shelves full of bins and baskets for bike parts, wheels, and more.

custom garage makeover Strickland's Custom Garages

For Lisa: The Inventor’s Workshop
Give your mini-me a space to learn and play with a workplace built right into the garage. Cubbies hold supplies for hobbies and science experiments, and built-in countertops provide room to get dirty (without staining the living room carpets!).

For Maggie: Disaster-Proof Everything
Throughout your garage makeover, we’ll make sure your space is as safe as possible for your little ones and you. We’ll carefully work around water heaters and electrical units, bundle and store cords on heavy-duty hooks, and ensure wiring is tucked out of the way.

Your Family’s Garage Makeover
If you think it’s time to give your family a better garage space, we can help you discover storage and organization solutions for the whole family. Do you have a Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, or Maggie in your life? Give us a call or bring them into our showroom so we can begin designing your dream garage together.