Dream Big: 8 Ways to Create Your Luxury Garage

While keeping up with the Joneses typically brings to mind perfectly landscaped yards and granite countertops, the newest status symbol is the luxury garage, according to an article in the Washington Post. Hailed as “the next frontier in remodeling” by the New York Times, the luxury garage provides the perfect home for your vintage car collection or an entirely new living space (and it could even improve your home’s real estate value!). Of course, this is something we’ve known about for a long time at Strickland’s Custom Garages, and we’re happy to help you create your dream garage. Here, 8 ways you can give your garage the touch of luxury you deserve.

1. Create clean lines with wall-to-wall closed cabinetry. All garages deserve quality storage solutions, but for a sleek, luxurious look, consider wall-to-wall storage cabinets. Just think: you could have a closet for your golf gear, yard work, and all of your children’s sports and hobbies, with everything tucked away until you need it.

2. Add built-in counter space for all of your hobbies. While we’re at it, why not add some counter space for a gardening center, tinkering space, woodworking workshop, and more? Pull-out drawers keep your supplies safe and dry, while wall-mounted pegs, hooks, bins, and baskets ensure your tools are right within reach.

3. Display your trophies, collections, and more in glass cases. Give your accomplishments the proper display space with glass cases. Our cabinetry is available in a number of attractive colors, stains, and styles, with luxurious details like crown moulding and built-in lighting.

4. Imbibe with friends with a built-in bar. Turn your garage into the ultimate Superbowl Sunday hot spot with a built-in bar and liquor cabinet. Even better? Add an entertainment center with a TV and surround-sound speakers, as well as bar seating and counterspace.

5. Hideaway unsightly storage. Keep trash cans and recycling bins out of sight (and away from pests!) with slide-out closed storage solutions.

6. Create a touchdown space for all of your toys. Whether you’re a motorcycle man or a car guy, a luxury garage can provide a touchdown space for every toy in your collection. Consider a motorcycle station or even car lifts for your most prized possessions.

7. Go for the game room. More of a pool person? Consider transforming your garage into a secondary play space with vintage games, a pool table, and more. At Strickland’s, we’ll help you get wild with your garage space.

8. Give yourself a home gym. Why workout in the spare bedroom when you can transform your garage into a luxury home gym? We’ll help you find the perfect storage solutions for all of your weights and gear, including open and closed cabinets for towels and mats.

luxury garage home gym

Creating Your Luxury Garage
Whatever route you choose to take for your garage, one thing is clear: you can’t go wrong with a little luxury. Ready to get started on your dream garage? Give us a call or visit our showroom at Strickland’s Custom Garages.