If you’re considering garage storage cabinets for your space, there are oh-so-many ways to take advantage of them – some of which might take you by surprise. At Strickland’s, our designers thrive on the thoughtful use of garage storage components for custom organization. Here are some of our best ideas on how to make the most of your garage storage cabinets.

  1. Use storage towers for easy access to bins: Bins are perfect containers for just about everything: holiday decor, sports equipment, crafting supplies, etc.! Often, though, they end up stacked in the corner of your garage and require a game of tetris to actually access when you need them. Our genius fix? Heavy-duty shelving and front-side labels.
  2. Store items by how frequently you use them, and child-proof while you’re at it: Keep storage bins on higher shelves and everyday items in eye-level spots for easy access. Got kids? Make sure harmful chemicals are out of reach or locked away in closed storage.
  3. Dedicate garage storage cabinets to specific tasks and activities: There’s nothing like a garage lined with stylish storage cabinetry. Then, when you look inside, it’s even better when each set of cabinets is self-contained and organized. For a streamlined and tidy garage, opt for garage storage cabinets separated by activity — a closet for your golf clubs and balls, another for your children’s hobbies and sports, and still others for gardening supplies, laundry and cleaning supplies, and building and auto tools.
  4. Install a ball corral: Kids always switching from basketball to soccer to kickball? We’ve got an easy fix — include a built-in ball corral or pull-out storage baskets.
  5. garage storage cabinets
  6. Incorporate a built-in workspace: Garage storage cabinetry isn’t just for storing items; it can also be used for a workspace exactly where you need one, with all of your supplies right within reach. Think built-in counters, wall storage, and even sinks.
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  8. Add a cubby by the door: You’ll love having a space for each member of your household to store their coats, bags, and even shoes. You may even increase the resale value of your home.
  9. Reserve open cabinetry for items you often use: While closed cabinetry is ideal for items you want to protect from oil splashes or weather damage, open cabinetry is helpful for items you use frequently.
  10. Opt for built-in trash and recycling containers: Trashcans can become a magnet for pests if they aren’t well-contained in the garage. To avoid this issue, store your trash inside garage cabinetry.
  11. Let Strickland’s Custom Garages custom-design your garage storage cabinets for you: The joy of working with professional designers at Strickland’s Custom Garages is that we ensure you make the most of your garage storage cabinets, guaranteed. Built-in cabinetry systems don’t have to be difficult, and with our designers’ help, you’ll have a special place for every piece of your inventory.

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