Which Garage Cabinetry Color Should You Choose?

If you’re considering a garage makeover with Strickland’s, you’ll be excited to learn that there are hundreds of ways to customize your space, including your garage cabinetry color. As our designers will tell you, a pop of color can make all the difference — and we’ve got 11 powder-coated finishes for you to choose from. So, what color should you choose for your garage cabinets? Here, we provide a few of our recommendations.

The Harley Lover’s Garage: Biker Orange
In honor of your prized motorcycle (or collection of them!), go for the classic Harley Davidson style with biker orange garage cabinets. Not only are these cabinets striking and cool, but they’re scratch- and scuff-resistant, so you can get to work without worrying about damaging your ultra-durable cabinets.

The Need for Speed Garage: Red
Your garage isn’t just a place to park your cars — it’s your pit stop and auto display area. Sound familiar? If so, channel the racetrack with bright red cabinetry. Even better, pair your cabinetry with classic checkerboard flooring for a showroom or arcade room style garage. Not-so-bright, you say? Consider crimson-colored cabinetry for a more understated shade.

The Simple Luxury Garage: Khaki
If your garage is home to his and hers Lexus sedans with not a scratch on either one, stick to simple luxury with light khaki-colored cabinetry. These cabinets provide a clean, contemporary look, especially when they’re installed wall-to-wall for streamlined garage storage.

The No-Nonsense Family Garage: Graphite
When shopping for the family, it’s best to choose a garage cabinetry color you can all agree on. And since greasy fingers make for grimey garage cabinetry quick, go for easy-to-clean graphite cabinets. This dark gray shade provides a sleek look that matches any paint or countertop color. Even better, our powder-coated cabinetry is also moisture-resistant, so the occasional spill or leak won’t result in warping or damage.

Your Garage Cabinetry Color
At Strickland’s, we offer 11 different powder-coated finishes in a wide range of bright colors as well as sophisticated neutrals. If we haven’t mentioned your shade yet, consider bright yellow Citron, blue-gray Fog, Ultra Blue, beige Saddle, White, or Black. Ready to find your color match? Give us a call or visit our showroom to explore our selection in person.